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Accuracy of Blood Glucose Monitors

I read that some of you swear by your meter's accuracy.  How do you know?  For the heck of it, I tested myself three times in a row (same time, same meter) for fasting reading and got three different answers...89, 83, 93.  Then decided to test with a second meter (got it free with purchase of strips) and got three different readings again, on that meter.  So, I took all 6 readings at the same time and got 6 different readings.  My readings from the two meters were:

89/98, 83/73, 93/78

I realize these are all good readings.  Sometimes my readings are much higher, well over 126.

How do you now your meter is accurate?  How do you test it?  Both mine are the TrueTrack Smart System.  If you're using it, how is it working for you?

Thanks for you help!

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Here is a link to Rueters that basically has the same write up as Consumer Reports but does not include the graphical chart ratings of the test. I find the latter to be very important for it shows the test scores of each product and how they fared.

If you go looking on the net you'll find a lot of links from naysayers regarding the report. They appear to be written by marketing communication experts from companies who's product didn't fair so well or were left off the test. Some are quite amusing.

Unfortunately CR is subscription based including their electronic version. Best bet is to check you local library for the September issue. Bookstores, like Border's, at one time stocked CR but I can't vouch for it since I haven't been to a Border's in a few months.

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Your comment on the Consumer Reports rating of the Ultra Mini - very interesting.  I didn't really know that there was a difference in the accuracy of the meters, just that when you test on your fingers, a different level can be given even if you do it one finger after another.

What was interesting to me though was that I purchased the Ultra Mini when I thought my old meter was giving inaccurate readings (trust me, it was me not the meter!!). In any case, because of the high reading I had that night I was refered to an Endocronologist.  He indicated that the Ultra Mini was "no good" and that I should not be using it, gave me a scrip for another type (same brand) of meter.  I did not agree with him but said nothing and have been using the new meter ever since.

I believe I will look for that Consumer Reports article and confront him with it at my next appointment (end of September).  If you know of a Web site that I can look on, please post it here.

Thanks for posting the meter info!!!!!

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More good information.  I'm on it.

I'm new to the forum so hadn't been up on meter accuracy issues until I experienced them.

Thank you for taking the time to enlighten me/us.
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You're welcome. The question of meter accuracy has come up before on this forum. The real thanks belongs to Consumer Reports for running a "real" comparison test of meters.
If you're interested in a FREE  Ultra Mini go here https://www.onetouchgold.com/simplestart/
and fill out the questionnaire. Takes approx 6-8 weeks for delivery. After receiving the first one, I requested a second for backup. The Mini will arrive in a rip-stop nylon zippered travel pouch that has test strips and lancets to get you going.
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Wow.  I really appreciate the feedback.  I had forgotten to mention that the next day, after those 6 tests, I tested each meter once and got 111 and 85!  The CR report supports my experience.

Thanks, WaveRider!
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It's interesting that you question the accuracy of your glucose meter for I was reading the September 2008 issues of Consumer Reports that rated both blood-pressure monitors and blood-glucose meters. Only one blood-glucose meter scored excellent overall and also scored the highest for consistency- the Johnson & Johnson Lifescan OneTouch Ultra Mini. The Ultra Mini was followed by Ascensia Contour, ReliOn Ultima (WalMart), and Accu-check Compact Plus. All four models tested well, delivery accurate consistent readings in about 5 seconds.

Your TrueTrack Smart System placed last, 13th, and was rated Fair in accuracy. Ratings are Excellent, Very Good, Fair and Poor.
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