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Accurate at home testing available?

Hi - I'm a 46-year-old female who is experiencing blurred vision, dizziness, rapid heart beat, inability to think or concentrate, nausea, and "the shakes" if I don't eat a steady stream of sugar. These symptoms seem to have come on rather quickly and are quite bothersome. My whole demeanor changes instantly once I start to go "down", and if I don't eat and push the limits I think I'm going to pass out!

My mother's parents and her four brothers all had Type 1 diabetes. I haven't been checked since the birth of my last child 14 years ago, but these symptoms are becoming bothersome and may be cause for concern. I can't go to the doctor until I graduate college (in December), so I'm hoping somebody can recommend an inexpensive at-home test that one can do to determine if diabetes is a possibility.

My father had Type II diabetes but is deceased. I found his meter - should I begin checking my blood sugar regularly? Would this be a better place to begin so that I can self-monitor not only to adjust my eating schedule but also to have some information to supply my doctor at the first of the year. Just not sure where to begin or what to do. The world is a lonely place without your parents to provide support and information!

Thanks for your advice.
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Walgreens or Walmart will both have meters in various price ranges.

I would suggest taking your time and looking at the various meters offered. Look for one that will be easy for you to use and most of all convenient.

True2Go is offered by walgreens. It's a very small meter that will latch onto a bottle of test strips with no need to code the meter. You can also get test strips for it from walgreens as well.

One Touch Mini- this one is a slim thermometer shaped one also does not need coding

(My current one) Acu-Check Avia- this one DOES require coding and is a small handheld

(Every meter is different be sure to read the directions for any you choose to buy. To code this meter you replace the small "chip" in the side of the meter each time you open a new BOX of text strips)

I have to agree with a previous poster: Buy a new meter!

Also, if you have insurance, should you get diagnosed as a diabetic, call them and let them know. Most insurance companies will gladly send you a free meter along with information in the disease. All you have to do is ask. Also, be sure to ask them what other meters they cover just in case you happen of have bought one all ready.

I can't give any information regarding the A1C meter, but I can suggest looking up Diabetes Education in your area. See if anyplace offers it for free.

Keep us posted honey!

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You wrote:I'm hoping somebody can recommend an inexpensive at-home test that one can do to determine if diabetes is a possibility.
Can I suggest that the home test for Diabetes 2 called A1C Now sold at Walmart and Walsgreen for less than $30 is VERY acurate and reliable.
Good luck.
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"an inexpensive at-home test that one can do to determine if diabetes is a possibility."
Relion brand at Walmart. Buy a glucose test meter and A1c test meter too, each $9. The glucose for daily testing, the A1c to verify a three month avg.

"I found his meter"
What meter? If its age is unknown trash it. Surely you can afford $9 for a new meter.

"should I begin checking my blood sugar regularly?"
Most certainly. If diabetes runs in your family you have a high chance of being one too.
Test times:
Preprandial - First thing in morning before eating. Also, prior to any meal. Normal levels are 60/70 to 99 mg/dl
Postprandial - 2 to 3 hrs after a meal. Normal levels are same as above
Bedtime - Again, you should be at normal levels
Post back and let us know what yours are. We can take it from there with more suggestions.

Do not wait to see a doctor if your levels continuously dip below 60 mg/dl. Go to the closet ER for treatment, the chance of diabetic coma is close. Same applies if your levels elevate above 250 mg/dl. You are already experiencing cardio system beat downs. Test, test, test and pay careful attention to what you eat. And, please do not put off seeing a doctor asap. Good luck

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