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Alpha lipoic acid

My father has diabetes, he takes doctors' medicines regularly. I have read about alpha lipoic acid supplement can help to increase his insulin sensitivity. After a long time of taking alpha lipoic acid, function of his pancreas will be improved. Is it true?
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Metforman helps with insulin sensitivity
haven't herd of ALA helping with insulin sensitivity.

ALA helps with neropathy (for a LOT of us)
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It would help to know if the studies you read on the web are with intravenous ALA or oral ALA, can make a difference. Like you and others, I have searched the internet looking for anything non-medication that might work to help lower blood sugar levels.

You will hear it said that ALA doesn't work at all if blood sugar levels are not normal. This argument has logic going for it, in the sense that if you have high blood sugar exacerbating a problem, and then try to solve that problem with a supplement, well it is getting worse at the same time that it is getting better, and your progress could be hard to measure. Kind of like baling water out of a sink to keep it from overflowing while the tap is still on.

With that said, my ALA intake is primarily for recirculating vitamins C and E. If it helps lower blood sugar levels, I have not seen any evidence. However, this does not mean ALA does not work with others because others have reported lower levels after taking ALA. Normal recommended dose is 600 mg per day.

As you probably know at the moment there is no cure for diabetes. With diabetes lifestyle changes must be made to help lower blood sugar levels; eating a proper diabetic nutrition low in carbohydrates, maintaining proper body weight and Lipid panel, and performing daily 30-60 minutes of exercise.

As far as ALA increasing pancreas insulin production, as far as I know the only way to know is by repeating the following test. You may considering first discussing this with the treating Endocrinologist.
● Pancreas functionality testing results
● IAA [Insulin anti-bodies test - measure from two sources]
● C-Peptide [insulin produced by the pancreas]
● IM-IVTT [insulin-modified intravenous glucose tolerance test] test beta cell function, cells that make insulin

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