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Am I in danger

Several weeks ago after my physical.. My blood test came in with Trigly at 244 (I ate something which I forgot) instead of  < 150

Uric Acid at 8.7 on a 4-7.8 scale and A1C at 6 in a scale of  < 5.7. I also taking allupurinol for my Gout (which rarely have problems) but stopped taking it due to sudden body itch all over. After 6 weeks I had stopped taking Allupurinol my body, arms, underarms are itchy and skin feels blotchy. Am I having this problem due to be a predibetic? What can I do?... do a juice cleanse? Live Cleanse?
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Your Uric Acid is high, Uric Acid is what makes Gout.

your A1c is high,  juce is a bad choice since it is carbohydrates that raise Blood sugar (BG) and high BG is what raises A1c levels.  A1c is the amount of glucose that is stuck to red blood cells.  the higher the A1c the higher the BG. since red blood cells live about 90 days the A1c is an average of your BG for 90 days.

the symptoms you mention I have never heard of for diabetes.

despite what the "media" say weight has little to do with causing diabetes.
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I just started taking Chormium 400mcg and Cinnamon 2000mg, ALA, etc.. will any of these even help. I am quite slim and workout 4-5 days a week in a gym.
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