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Can i do Body-Building even after being a Type-2 diabetic..If yes,how ? and if  No,then how to maintain my body in a Good shape ?
Please suggest me friends...
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The three important factors in controlling and managing a type 2 diabetic lifestyle are proper nutrition, proper weight and daily physical exercise. One does not reduce their diet, per se, instead makes lifestyle changes so what they should be eating counts.

Use Google to research, understand and apply the Glycemic Index to your lifestyle.

Use Google search on 'diabetic bodybuilding' for other suggestions.

Understand the differences between simple carbs and complex carbs and why you want to avoid simple carbs.

Try reading other threads on this forum for proper nutrition has been discussed a number of times, especially on foods to avoid.

Good luck.
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Thanx WaveRider,
Everyone says that reduce your diet,loose weight....so how my body will be built if i reduce my diet and do more exercise...Please also tell me what to eat in order to make my body look more fit....
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What makes you think that a T2 diabetic cannot do bodybuilding? Physical exercise is one key to burning off excess glucose and managing your glucose levels.
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