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Blood Glucose 104..Pre-Diabetes?


I just recently got a fasting glucose level and it was at 104.  I know Diabetes Type II is 126 and higher but does anyone know if this is considered Pre-Diabetic levels?

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Don't rely on one single glucose result.  They can vary a bit.  

If you have repeatedly elevated fasting blood sugars, your doctor may want to do furthur testing to look into the possibility of abnormalities.  
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Hector, do you know that excercise stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin?  I am a type 2 diabetic, for the past 3 years now.  At first, I thought life ended as I knew it! I was scared and confused and had NO idea about my disease.  I learned what I had to do by reading and reading and asking questions. :)  Diet (meaning good nutrition) and excercise can keep your glucose levels pretty level. :)  I now try to walk whenever possible, and TRY to lose weight, which is hard, but slowly i'm managing to do so.  

Try getting out and walking or riding or whatever you're comfortable with.  Keep up on your heath check ups, and glucose tests if you've been instructed to take them, and I bet your sugar levels will stay pretty level. :) Good luck and keep your chin up!

As CoWriter said, use this as a sort of warning, or heads up and learn from it.

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Being a pre-diabetic doesn't mean it will turn into diabetes.  It means that your risk is higher, especially if you have a family history of diabetes or you're obese.

It's like a warning.  What can you do about it?  Keep your weight down....learn about good nutrition...and exercise.
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I know this is an older post, but caught me eye. This is my first posting here in forums, I'm somewhat in the same boat. My first Aic blood test was Jan 12, 2017. Was a 5.7. Reason of testing was recommended by my pain management Dr. I had spinal fusion in January 2011, degenerative disc disease. L4, L5 and S1. Doc said should be fully healed from surgery within 4 months. It never healed. 2012, Surgeon did a rescan and seen all the screws and hardware was loose. So Sep. 11 2012 he reopened the scar and removed all hardware, did bone grafts and replaced with bigger hardware and screws. Worst shape now then I've ever been. Since the 2 fusions, went from 145 pounds before fusion and now weigh 220. Can't exactly do a sit up. Nerve damage in hips and legs. I can't walk on my own and constant 24/7 pain from mid back down to feet. Legs and feet feel like needles and burning. Surgeon said nothing more he could do, and left me in Pain Management care since 2012. 9 to 11 pills a day. The disc disease is now up into the T levels, mid and upper back, disc are 50% to 100% gone. P.M. Dr suggested seeing the surgeon again for more fusions. I told him that would be suicide, cause it's gotten to were even the smallest cuts don't heal, so that put me in big fear of another fusion. It was like a light bulb went off in his head and asked if I've ever been tested for diabetes. I said no, but it does run throughout everyone on my moms side. Even my 2 sisters have it. So I've been pricking my finger 2 to 3 times per day since January this year. As I said, A1c blood test in January was 5.7. I go back for another test May 11th. My daily meter and this app shows avg. 6.3 A1c. The only time I'm ever under 100 is when I first wake up. Rest of the day runs from 126 to 200. Highest I've been is 214. And lowest ever was 55, and that was at 5pm, the very first day of finger pricks. I don't know much about diabetes but I am trying to educate myself as much as I can. My ex wife is a RN, she said very possible I'm type 2 or at the least, Pre-Diabetic...Thoughts??

Thank You and sorry for the novel.
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Hi Gene.

  I hope you see this message, because you've posted this on an old message train.

Your blood sugar levels are higher than normal.  Your weight also won't be heling anything.  I think you actually should consider yourself diabetic already and you need some further investigations.   Some can develop neuropathy early at fairly low blood sugars.

Some persons are more sensitive to blood sugar levels than others and may develop complications earlier.  
Suggest you may want to look into ketogenic diet.  It can be helpful in reducing blood sugar and inflammation.
Thank you Super Sally, I will look into that diet, and see what all it has. I go back for more blood work May 11th. Thank you again for the reply.
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My Dr placed me on a low carb diet of 45 carbs per day and I lost 15 pounds in the first three weeks just with diet and my energy increased.  I retest my A1c tomorrow. But as of today I am down 25 pounds and I was diagnosed in February.  After some of the weight comes off light exercise may become more bearable for you.  
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But it's still reversible at this point?
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Yes, anything above 100 is considered pre-diabetes.
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no,104 is NOT considered pre-diabetes
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