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Blood Glucose 239

This is NOT a fasting glucose.  My dad is diabetic and he has all of the tools to test blood.  He has regular diabetes not Type 2 but it usually skips a generation.
I had blood taken at the doctor last week, again, not fasting, for other health problems and it came back at 169.  My doc obviously wants to retest me when I've been fasting and get an A1c.  When my blood was tested I had eaten a bagel and olive oil spread, plus Vitamin water that day, today when I tested I had the same food Plus chicken noodle soup about two hours prior.  I am on hyperthyroid treatment at the moment and am definitely overweight by 30 lbs.
So with all of that info I guess I'm just curious...is 239 a horrible number to be at if you haven't been fasting and have eaten what I ate today?  My doctor won't be in until next week so I'm going to be taking my fasting blood glucose every morning until I go in for labs...Just a little nervous.
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A blood sugar of 239 two hours after eating is too high.  It should be no higher than 180.

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First off, you don't need to fast for an A1c test. And you can't make a decision based upon a non-fasting glucose reading except to understand what you consumed pushed your glucose level into the unacceptable range. Vitamin Water contains unacceptable amounts of sugar. Read the label and stop drinking it.
Continue with the morning testing after fasting. Keep a log and provide a copy to your doctor to not only review but also to keep with your medical records. Understand that what you put into your body will be reflected in your test results, the A1c for the past three months.
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