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Blood Glucose Level

I have been on prednisone for almost 36 years now and have been told that I am border line diabetic and that the medicine gives a false glucose reading. How much does the prednisone raise or lower the glucose level?  Sometimes I feel lightheaded and my glucose reading is low, like around 65, and sometimes I am shaky and the reading is high, around 215. How do I know where my "normal" is and when I should be concerned?  Diabetes runs in my family - my brother and mother have it.  
I am so confused and can not get a straight answer from my doctors. Help me to understand this please. I am very concerned that I may be like my mother and need insulin on occasion?
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Thanks for clarifying that about the prednisone, Sally. I suspected they were not " false"  readings, but didn't know for sure.
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prednisone does worsen blood sugar.  It is known to induce diabetes when given to people who are susceptible.

You are on prednisone long term.  Therefore your levels are not artificially high.  They are high.  The same normal and target blood sugars apply to you.

So if you are getting readings of 215 then you are diabetic.  I think you need to get some clear input and guidance from your doctors.  If they can't give it I would strongly recommend that you find a doctor who can.

Target blood sugar is always below 140, which is the level at which complications have been known to start.

Best wishes
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I'm sorry but I am only going to speak to part of your question. I don't know anything about the use of prednisone and how it influences glucose level. There is a big difference imho between a " false reading"  and the prednisone actually raising or lowering the blood glucose because then it is high or low and those numbers will effect you. Does that make sense?

What I do know is that if those are accurate readings, you may no longer be pre-diabetes but may have diabetes. What is your A1C? What do you do to treat your pre-diabetes; what is important is to lose weight if you need to, lower carb intake and get regular exercise. 215 is definitely in the zone where complications begin to form. You want to remain under 100 if possible for fasting and not go over 140 two hours after eating. If your doctors don't explain things to you such as how the prednisone influences the blood sugar and what you should be doing to treatyour diabetes, you may need to see an endo. Also, if you want, send me a private message and I will give you the name of a couple websites where there are a lot of diabetics and I'm sure someone will be able to explain the role of prednisone.
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