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Blood Sugar Readings (a little concerned)

A few years ago I was diagnosed as pre diabetic, but I lost 60 pounds and I was able to get my blood sugar down to reasonable levels.
I just had a blood test to apply for Life Insurance. I'm a 38 year old male and I'm about 220 pounds. I got a blood glucose reading of 77 mg/dl (I hadn't eaten for 4 hours) but my fructosamine rating was 1.8 (out of a range of 0-2.0).
Should I be worried?
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Is the lowest form of life he/she is preying on scared and vulnerable people to sell a sham.  There are lagitamet ways to control diabetes and BG and you dont have to pay for the info.  There is no cure but you can control diabetes
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No- that is still in the range and your blood sugar of 77 is great. What is more important than that fructosamine level is your HGa1c. That is a test that measures glucose levels over a 3 month period. You should be having those done at least twice a year I would say.
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