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Blood Sugar

I tested my blood sugar this morning and it was 105.  Would you say this is out of the normal range.  I had blood work done about a month ago when I had my annual physical and my sugar level came back at 109.  My doctor didn't seem to alarmed.

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this is definitely prediabetes and it is your warning to get serious about your health and fitness.

Low carb diet, exercise, optimal weight.  Metformin and close monitoring and likely a prudent start.  

Learn about diabetes.   If you don't manage it then it will progress.

An HBa1C of 6.0 is already close to diabetic. This would also indicate that your blood sugars after eating are already going high.  You should check your blood sugars 2 hours after eating.  They may be very high.

Please research.  

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Hi again,
Here is my untrained thought:
I'd would NOT be too alarmed , I would take the most common Diabetes med:  Metformin  and follow a low carb diet then I will be most likely free  from any Diabetic complications for the next 5 to 10 years or even longer. The majority of 65 plus years old American have their A1c much higher then yours.
Good luck
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My glucose was 98 a few months ago - had been in hospital and was 98 - EXCEPT when they gave me either heparin or drip antibiotic drip - then it charged up to 177 - and they gave me a shot and I was back down to "normal" - but my Aic is now 6 - and glucose 105 - gosh darn - get one thing fixed and then it is something else
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You wrote:
I had blood work done about a month ago when I had my annual physical and my sugar level came back at 109.  My doctor didn't seem to alarmed.
Here is my untrained opinion:
Since your sugar reading  was 109 at your annual physical check up, as you said,
I am pretty sure, this must have been from a fasting reading meaning you did NOT eat anything for the last 10 hr.The fasting number 109 indicates that you are  pre-diabetic, most like a type 2.The cold fact about pre-diabetic 2 is like a little pregnant, you will become a full blown diabetic 2 in 2, 6.. years from  now. It depends on what foods , what drinks you will consume.
If I were you, I would read this book:Diabetes Solution by DR. Richard Beirstein. It will tell what foods to avoid..and follow his rule:(6,12,12)
Please read my previous posts, you will find out low-carb foods you can buy at Walmart these days.. If you strictly reduce your low carb intake to (6,12,12)
you may be NEVER become a full blown diabetic 2 meaning you likely won't have any diabetic complications.
Why your doctor didNOT seem to be alarmed:
To me, it's your health is at stake and the number of Americans  becoming pre or full blown piabeteic 2 is EXPLOSION , you doctor has seen this fasting number 109 day in and day out so he gets used to it.
My explaination based on my own in-dept research :"Anyone that average 2 cans of soda drinks a day in 10 years is all ready a pre or full blown diabetic 2"
Good luck.
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"I tested my blood sugar this morning and it was 105."

Was this fasting, nothing to eat or drinking of colored liquids for 8-10 hours? Makes a huge difference. Random/anytime testing is useless as it only provides a false/positive.

Fasting ranges in the US are:
Normal = 60/70 to 99 mg/dl
Prediabetes = 100 to 125 mg/dl
Diabetes = >126 mg/dl
* to convert mg/dl to UK or Canada mmol/l standards, divide by 18

Weight loss, daily 30-60 minutes exercise, and restrict carbohydrate food intake all will help lower your glucose levels.
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