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Blood Sugar~non-diabetic when to be concerned?

Hello All been feeling out of sorts, started seeing a new (better) doctor and per suggestions from others bought myself a glucose meter online to check my levels. Back on 6/5 in office blood tests showed non fasting Glucose levels at 56 (range 65-99), lab results from 6/26 Hemoglobin A1c 5.5 (range 4.8-5.6).

Glucose meter results (need to get better at taking these)
7/12 FG 106
7/13 FG 77 PP 92
7/14 FG 72 PP 81
7/15 FG 71 PP 109
7/16 FG 113

I'm keeping a log of this encase I need to show them to my doctor. Should I bring these up to him on my next visit? He seems a little overwhelmed with me right now because I have so many different things going on and he's really trying to figure out whats going on within me. I initially posted in the Thyroid forum when this all started happening, the link is below and will give you a little more insight to what I've been going through (to long to re-post it here).

Thanks for reading :)
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yesterdays reading: PP 72

Had to go to the bus station this morning, so I didn't get a chance to test as soon as I woke up and I also didn't get a chance to eat breakfast. Started feeling shaky when I got back, so I checked my sugar FG 63. Just heated up a brat from last nights dinner, hopefully that will help.
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