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Blood glucose levels in fasting

I am 69 year old man. I always take 2 or 3 pulkas or chapathis during night every day and i dont eat rice during night..  But whenever i check the blood glucose levels with the glucometer, i find that the  fasting values are not within the range of normal values viz 110 for fasting. but the post lunch levels always within the normal range of  viz 140.The random levels always varies from 125 to 150. Kindly advise me whether i am diabetic and do i have to take medicine for diabetes?
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"I always take 2 or 3 pulkas or chapathis during night every day.."

Are these made with wheat flour? White flour will increase your glucose levels. Try not to eat or drink any colored liquids 2-3 hours before bedtime. Also, your Atenolol is a beta blocker. Beta blockers have been shown to raise glucose levels. Talk with your pharmacist about interactions AND contraindictions with ALL medications you are currently taking. Be sure to include vitamins and supplements.
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you could definitely be prediabetic, and maybe even diabetic with the numbers you report.

Please talk to your doctor on how to manage this.

medication may be necessary.  If you are overweight, please reduce weight.  Reduce how much carbohydrate you eat at meals, and try to add in at least 30 minutes of exercise after each meal, if at all possible (walking would be fine).

Let us know how you go.
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