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Blood sugar 400

In January my A1C was 6.8 and my sugar was also borderline.  Today 6/31 I checked my sugar using my aunt's meter and it was over 400.  This was about 2 hours after dinner.  I'm not currently being treated for diabetes.  About a month ago I started having severe dry mouth but no other symptoms.  I'm currently on vacation and several states away from my doctor.  Can I wait a week to see her or should I get treatment right away?
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"...my A1C was 6.8 and my sugar was also borderline."

Your 6.8%  A1c result implies your glucose [blood sugar] is not borderline as you think. Using the eAG [estimated Average Glucose] formula to convert the A1c to an daily glucose average equates to 148.46 mg/dl, well into diabetes land.

And, having postprandial [after meal 2-3 hrs] readings over 400 mg/dl is dangerous. It also implies that you are eating whatever you want to eat and need to stop, think, and start self-prevention therapy to halt further glucose increases by not consuming sugary foods or liquids, stop eating white foods [white bread, white rice, potatoes, pasta], lower your carb intake and do some sort of physical exercise after eating to help burn off the excess glucose. Weight control is just as important too. Call your doctor for an appointment first thing upon your return home, get tested, and start treatment.

In the meantime Google diabetes treatment, read other threads on this forum and educate yourself on how to control and manage this disease. If ignored, the side effects that will occur are not pleasant.
Good luck and post back if you have further questions.
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hi. I have a feeling your doctor didn't explain the A1C test to you. It is an average of your blood sugars over a 3 month period.  Normal is about 5-6 I believe.  6.8 is diabetic.  Now how did you get your a1c without a doctor ordering the test??  Do you remember what you ate 2 hours before you got that 400 reading? Did you check it again just to be sure?  I bet you had a meal with possibly a lot of starch and carbohydrates? Bread, potatoes, maybe a rich dessert? or your portion size was a little more then it should be?  I  AM NOT A DR., BUT I AM A TYPE2 FOR OVER 10 YEARS NOW.  Please if your numbers after  a full nights sleep are much over 120, and you are still thirsty, and still over 140 I believe after 2 hours( after eating)............get to a walkin in clinic today.  You might want to call your insurance co. and get their guidance before you do that TODAY.   Don't be scared.  The dry mouth was one of the symptoms of  possible diabetes. That number is another!
My first symptoms when I asked to be tested started similarly. Thirst (extreme), a lot of urination, weight loss (amazing), very hungry, tired, and a few more. My doctor at the time gave me 2 weeks to try to control it w/o meds.  I wasn't very well educated by her, at all.
I was put on metiformin.  Now I am still on it, and also on insulin.   I am 49 also (:  .    I ate so much stuff in the past two days it is embaressing!!! so is my spelling.  
Please don't panic.  Some people are tested for the first time and their B.S. is well over 500!   You did the right thing by posting here. I just found this site and it is awesome!!!! Hope to hear back. Drink a LOT of water please.  I am in NY state  and it has been in the high 80's .  I dehydrate very easily.  Please relax and go see a doctor or a nurse practioner today.  robin
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