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Blood sugar pain

Why is it that even though my latest A1C was 6.0 and my numbers are always around 100, I still get terrible pain and cramping?
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The pain is in both feet and ankles.  I take five neurontin and a januvia every day because of postprandial high glucose numbers.  I've had peripheral neuropathy and diabetes 2 for about 7 years now.  I see a neurologist, endocrynologist, podiatrist and my primary doctor and so far no real answers.
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Well, there are a number causes for pain and cramping. But since you didn't specify an area of your body - abdomen, legs, arms, head, etc - your two best bets are; 1.) Google pain and cramping for ideas; 2) Go see a doctor.

By the way, your glucose numbers look good, borderline high yet good.
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