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Blood sugar rising

Since my MD told me I was prediabetic (109 fasting) I have cut out all sugar but I do eat fruit and use Xylitol and NutraSweet.  However my blood sugar is now 116 fasting.  Why and what can I do?  I do not eat bread very often but I do eat oatmeal in the morning as I have to for IBS.  Thank you.
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Have not tried Xylitol, Nutra Sweet or Splenda, only Equal.  One thing though, watch the amount of fruit you take in.  It is natural sugar.  Not saying to cut it out completely I certainly haven't but just limit the amount.
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Have you tried Splenda (succralose)? My body cannot tolerate NutaSweet (aspartame) for it will cause my glucose to rise, not much but rise by as much as 10-15 mg/dl 2-4 hours after consumption.

Xylitol has mixed reviews. Some say its derived from wood sugar and others say its a form of carbohydrates. However, they all say its good for your teeth in moderate doses. I can't comment for I have no real personal experiences with Xylitol.

Here's a start; eliminate all bad carbs from your diet. I Google'd "bad carbs" and got 341,000 hits.
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