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I wonder why diabetes monitoring systems aren't equipet with bluetooth technology?  It seems that this a very impotant issue to so many, i work with children, the ones with diabetes it seems that thier parents keep a close eye on them. Wouldn't it be easier and worth while to push for something like this were parents and concerned others could call in or review over the internet at thier levels over the day?  I have heard about a company (glucotel) that has this technology but from what i understand thier waiting for an answer from the gov. , can anyone else name someone who might already have something like this?
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Check out www.myglucohealth.net
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Google "bluetooth glucose meters" and "wireless glucose meters". Google will return thousands of hits some repeats, the latter 74,500 hits to be exact. The technology is new and coming fast, the FDA approval is slow. In order to be approved as a medical device it must undergo stringent testing. This takes time.

I also see that a central data base is required for most devices which means subscription fees for both the patient and doctor to access the central data base. I'd like to see patient direct to doctor bypassing the $$ making middleman. If the device can be made to talk to your PC, the program can be instructed to send at  scheduled time(s), or on alert for a low/high reading to the doctors computer instantly. This isn't hard to program, the FDA approval is what's hard.
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