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Can Type 2 Diabetics take Co-enzyme Q10 supplements?

My Mom has Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure from last 10 years. She is 63 yr old. Her average Blood pressure range is usually 162/91 mm/hg and Random Blood sugar is usually around 390 mg/dl.

She is currently taking diabetes and blood pressure lowering medications including:
- Teneligliptin(40 mg/day) for diabetes,
- Telmisartan(160 mg/day) & Chlortalidone(25mg/day) for Hypertension.

She is a strict vegetarian. Also, she has complications like Diabetic Neuropathy.

Now, below are dietary supplements she takes everyday:

Vitamin B12 (100mcg),
Vitamin C (500mg)
Vitamin D (5mcg),
Vitamin E (400iu)
Omega-369 (1200mg) fish oil capsules,
Magnesium (375mg)
Co-Enzyme Q10 (30mg)

Now, can she take Co-enzyme Q10 (30mg/day) supplements?

I have done some research and learned that CoQ10 might lower the Blood pressure and Blood sugar levels. Also, it might interfere with Blood pressure medications ir blood sugar medication?

Now, is it safe for her to take a 30mg CoQ10 capsule everyday?
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Hello there,

Both your mother blood sugar and hypertension are uncontrolled as evidenced by the above normal lab result.

Firstly, I don't think the diabetes can be controlled by a single drug. Perhaps you should consult with your physician about additional drugs such as metformin which is very cheap.

Has she tried aerobic exercise to decrease both glucose and hypertension? Exercise is a free method that has been proven to decrease both glucose and hypertension.

Complications such as diabetic neuropathy is due to uncontrolled blood glucose level. If this continues, organ damage such as kidneys, stroke, heart attack may occur.

You NEED to remove fish oil from the supplement. It has been shown to actually cause harm and do nothing at best. This is the evidence:


CoenzymeQ is safe and wont interfere with drugs unless it is warfarin,a blood thinning drugs. However, I dont think it will help a lot with the blood glucose.

Dietary supplements can be very expensive and at best, they only help a little. Again, have your mother performed exercise to help which is free?

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