Can i ever get off diabetes medicine?

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I do not want to be on medicine forever.
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Assuming you are definitely type 2 diabetes, and you have not had high sugars for too long, your diabetes may be reversible / able to be put in remission with the following steps:

1. Normal blood sugar levels achieved by:-
- Very Low carb diet (for many this means 30 g or less of carbs per day).  These carbs will come mostly from protein and non-starchy veges.  Plenty of resources for low carb and keto online these days.
- Lose weight if overweight (low carb / keto will help this).
- Daily exercise
- Check vitamin D levels and supplement if low
- Stress management

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Well, unless you take drastic lifestyle steps to change the dynamics that led you to being on the medication in the first place, it is what it is.  This includes changing your diet, losing and maintaining an ideal weight and exercise.  Are you doing those things?  More power to you if you are!  Unfortunately, that is where a lot of people fail in controlling diabetes.  Uncontrolled diabetes is dangerous so you will want to control is 'somehow'.  good luck
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Seems to me diabetes is reversible  However its very hard to do   Eat  right,  control your weight and exercise.  Many doctors strongly recommend a vegan diet, especially Neal Bernard MD.
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