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Could I have diabetes? Blood Sugar 257

For the last three months I have been waking up feeling sick. Nasuea, dizziness, tired, headache. Also my appetite is completely.gone but my stomach still  feels hungry!? I have been brushed off by 2 Drs telling me it was due to my anxiety. My urine has been tested and no Glucose was present. I was concerned So i bought a meter tested this morning before eating or drinking, my blood sugar was 257 then about an hour later it went down to 150. I really don't understand what's happening and I have a new Dr. appointment tomorrow. Any advice!? Thanks in advance
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Hi, a fasting level of 257 is diabetic.  150 is also high .

Suggest that you keep a diary of your blood sugar results.  Please test fasting levels, then 2 hours after eating.  

Please let us know how you go with your Dr appointment on 12th.    I hope the dr is checking hba1c and hopefully also antibodies and c-peptide to determine the type of diabetes.

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IDK your medical insurance situation.   If possible I would see if you can get a referral  to an endocrinologist.    Sorry I can't tell if you can be diagnose with diabetes,  However an endo can,
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