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Could a 17 year old have Type 2 diabetes?


I'm 17 and have been experiencing allot of the symptoms of diabetes. These include needing to pee roughly every 1-2 hours, being thirsty to the extent of carrying a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, feeling tired throughout the day (I've always felt like this and just attributed it to lack of sleep) and numerous headaches throughout the day (I've even been waking up with them lately).

I have a family history of Type 2 diabetes (my dad has it and 3 of my grandparents have it) so me getting would be no suprrise. I'm just surprised at the timing since I'm only 17. Then again, my eating habits have always been downright fate-tempting as I have a fast metabolism. In spite of it however I've gained a few kilograms of weight in the last few months.

I'm getting a fasting blood test next week and want to know what my chances are of having Type 2. I'd actually prefer to have it as it would explain allot but maybe that's a naive outlook. Are cases in 17 year olds really rare?
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Hey Jeremy,
In response to your concerns about whether you're being Asian or having a family history has anything to do with you're having Type 2 Diabetes, I would have to say no, not necessarily. It has everything to do with what YOU'RE putting into your body and whether or not you are keeping active each day.
It's great that you made the first important step to get yourself checked out. Once the test results come back, then you will have a choice as to how to continue. Either do the same old things as before, or make changes for the better. If the doctor prescribes medication to help get your sugars under control, that's when you need to become fully aware of what's good for you to eat (and drink). Then, after a few months, the doctor will see better test results and reduce your meds by half, or completely. This is possible only if you are really ready to make a total lifestyle change for the better that includes eating healthy foods and staying active.
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And I also forgot to mention that I am of South Asian descent, which apparently makes my chances higher.
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You asked:
Are cases in 17 year old really rare?
In my opinion: 20, 30 years , yes it was rare, but these days american kids at 17 year old getting diabetes 2 , the odd is  20-25% .Why? American kids drink too much soda daily. To my own research, anyone that average 2 cans of soda a day, then in 10 years that person is already a pre-diabetic 2 or a full blown one.
in your case, i hope that I am wrong, your chance is 80%.Why? you already  have symptoms of the malady called diabetes 2. Good luck
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It's good the see you are getting tested for diabetes. Diabetes has no age limit and can strike an infant or an adult. Having family history of diabetes also puts you into a higher risk bracket of getting diabetes. Making lifestyle changes goes a long way in lower blood sugars. Start by avoiding your "fate-tempting" goodies and dropping the excess weight.

Keep in mind a fast metabolism is a catch-22. People with a high metabolism convert food much more quickly than the average individual, which can cause some health issues. They often need to eat larger quantities of food to maintain their weight and can suffer from blood sugar issues, irregular heartbeat, excessive sweating, and mood issues.

When you see your doctor be sure to be honest with him/her. Tell them your bads along with your goods. Go here to educate yourself on diabetes prevention and how to control and manage blood sugar levels.  http://www.diabetes.org/  

If you have further questions post back to this thread. Let's hope your test results are negative.  
Good luck -
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