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Dear Help:

age 48 male with Diabetes Type II for many years with recent blood test as follows:

Urea 9.2mmol/L (55.2 mg/dl ) Creatinine 121mmol/L1.37 mg/dl(   HBA1c 9.9 mmol/L(not sure mg)

I've general doctor that says creatine is high but still normal! But, search thru. websites say otherwise. My creatinine and Urea (BUN) levels seems to signalling I'm heading for kidney problems ahead.  

Can someone help to explain me and what I can I do and what foods to avoid to minize risk of developing kidney problem....

Thanks a lot

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Kidney failure has been associated with uncontrolled and badly managed glucose levels. It would benefit you the most if you lowered your glucose levels to normal values. Your current glucose daily average - based upon your A1c 9.9% - is between 11.8-13.3 mmol/l  [212-240 mg/dl]. HIGH.

Foods? Look at diabetic nutrition and perform daily physical exercises.

See this link, especially the paragraph on GFR  
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Thanks  a lot to share with me.......

Have you know of anyone have the below:
I had NCT(nerver conductivity test) ....to my surrpise I've ulnar Nerve palsy and wasting of hand muscle and doctor says
I will need operation to fix it. It is painful news and says even operation will not result full recovery - ...

Doctor says many reasons causing it. I believe it must be due to diabetes condition causing nerve damage and finally palsy....

I've been reading websites to see possible non-surgery alternatives. Perhaps, I'm dreaming......

Thanks .

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I have been a Type II diabetic for 9 years. Please checkout the following website. It has very good info on diabetes, renal problems and diet.  


I will share with you a problem I had with increasing BUN & creatine. I was consuming to much protein including meats. I also was taking  daily naprosyn (Aleve) for an arthretic knee. My doctor told me that taking naprosyn over a prolonged period of time could result in kidney damage. After I decreased my protein intake and shifted to Tylenol my BUN & cratinine scores dropped.

Good Luck,
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