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Diabetes & Obesity

I am Diabetic and Obese. I am curious as to the actual real life frequency of obesity associated with Diabetes. I am anticipating speaking with anyone who shares my problem of obesity and the difficulties accompanying the never ending battle of weight loss. Do you find that every food you eat seems to adversly affect yous attempts to control your glucose level as well as your weight?
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I have diabetes (7 years) and am obese, 350#.

If you would like to chat, let me know any specific questions you may have, and we can share stories.

I am having a hysterectomy on 04/08 for an ovarian cyst (try having an invasive stomach surgery while being obese & diabetic!) and I'm afraid of the healing.

Prio to being diagnosed with the ovarian cyst, I was seriously considering lap banding surgery.  I'm sure you know our heavy weight plays a large role in keeping us diabetic.
Everyone has heard "lose the weight, the diabetes will go away"... I'm sick of not getting thin, and looking forward to a fat life on meds.  YUK.

I have a good (salty) sense of humor, and would love to get to know you.

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I gained 90 pounds when I was pregnant, got gestational diabetes, turned into type II diabetes after I gave birth.  I have tried every diet imaginable, and have not been able to lose much weight at all.  I lost a few pounds when I started metformin medication, but have now stabilized again.  Part of my weight loss problems are that occasionally I have to go on a round of steroids for either my lupus or my asthma if they aren't controlled, and then I gain 10 pounds and have to lose that all over again.  

My Dad is also type II diabetic.  He put on weight when he started some of his diabetic medications.  I think he's lost some again when he started insulin, but he's been overweight since becoming diabetic.  

I think many type II diabetics have problems losing weight.  It just frustrates me because people who don't know me and don't know my eating habits just assume that I must eat everything in sight to be fat.  I intake about 1200 to 1400 calories per day, and avoid as much fat as I can, and eat as much fiber as I can.  I even switched to sprouted grain bread to have a lower GI (no flour) and eat fresh vegetables and fruits instead of frozen or canned.  I don't eat any desserts or snacks.  I feel so food deprived, and then I get bozos telling me that I really need to cut out the snacking.  I don't snack on stuff except celery and carrot sticks!  They just don't know.  

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