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Diabetes and Childbirth

Dear Doctor,

I would to know the effect of type 1 diabetes on childbirth. My fiancee is type 1 diabetic and would like find out if it would have any effect on our children in future.

Thanks you.
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You need to go over to the "Doctors Forum" side and click on Diabetes - Type II.  Then enter your question if you want a response from an actual M.D.

I'm not a type I - I'm a lean, type II, insulin dependant diabetic.  My babies were really big and my diabetes had to kept under very tight control during my pregnancy.  My diabetes actually got alittle bit worse with each child.  The doctors finally told me not to have anymore because my third child was 10lbs 3 ounces.  They thought that it would not be beneficial to my health to have another one.

All of my children were born jaundice and had to spend time under the bililights.  I was told that was due to my insulin use but I don't know if that is true.  They are all very healthy children one is 17 one is about to be 9 and one is 6!

Hope all goes well...
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I am not the Dr but I have been an insulin dependant diabetic for 13 years now and have 2 kids. My OB (high risk pregnancy specialist) told me when I got pregnant that I would have to keep my diabetes in strict tight control. There are many risks in being an insulin dependant diabetic and getting pregnant but many women do it and have healthy babies (me being one!)  Studies have shown that effective control of diabetes during the periconceptional period (refers to the period of time three months before pregnancy through the first three months of pregnancy) in women with diabetes reduces the risk for birth defects in their children.

I was told that my children have a 50% higher risk of becoming diabetic than a person w/o diabetes, I was also told that babies can sometime be born with a cleft palate, heart problems. Both my kids are just fine! Make sure if you guys are planning on kids that she really takes care of herself before conception also! Dr told me increase intake of folic acid and make sure to take my multivitamin before conception and to keep those blodd sugars in tight control! Hope this helped!! :)
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