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Diabetes but lost weight

Last year at a random health screening i was discovered to have high triglycerides (10 hrs before the test i had a stout and cheese sandwich which apparently also caused readings to spike).
nonetheless i was diagnosed with diabetes
im still not on medication but i havent really had a follow up. i then improved my life started doing 20-30 burpees a day, cut down on rice and sugar and ate significantly less. there was a period where i also fasted for about 10-12 hours a day because i was working (doing physical events related work and just didnt have time to eat properly).
i also exercised daily, not much but real high intensity workouts like 200 reps of weights / push ups and 20-30 burpees a night.
my night thirst and constant need to pee reduced signficantly.
coupled with regular hot lemon + water drinks, my bowels improved too.
i lost weight, not massively but enough for friends to point it out.

my concern is
- am i on the right track to diabetes control or even reversal?
- is my weight loss because of my lifestyle changes or could there be a lurking underlying reason (like insulin related ones?)
- im seeing a bone on my chest, after 11 years of being overweight

is this a "good" or "bad" weight loss?

i last saw my doctor last week for another issue, we've not done any diabetes related tests for 11 months.

should i be concerned

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thanks again for sharing

yes i have diabetes. that was confirmed by my doctor last year.

but he did tell me i wouldnt need medication yet because it was still within control, and that i should change my diet and lifestyle and come back for another check (which i havent, but will do so within the year. just been busy and finding the right time to go to the doctor)

so yes i went from 15 on blood glucose test to 7 in a matter of months. yes its still diabetic but an improvement i hope.

yes im very determined to keep this under control, and who knows even reverse it.

my night thirst and peeing episodes are over, and i just was looking for assurance that these are good signs.
i dont know if this is any measure, but there was once at work it was extremely hot and half my team had to stop work to cool down, but i was fine. or does this have NOTHING to do with diabetes?

would appreciate another response, thank you

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thank you
yes ive been taking the home glucose blood test thing, that i share with one family member who is also diabetic.
i dont know what the readings are apart from 6.0 and below is normal.
when i first did the reading it was 15. now its between 7-8.
yes i plan to see the doctor and do full checks soon
thank u for the advice!
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Hi hereoto,
a reading of 15 (270), is very high, and is diabetic reading.  You can get diagnosed with diabetes, with that number alone.

Blood sugar readings of 7 - 8 (126 - 144) are also diabetic.

Truly normal blood sugars will be < 5.2 (95) fasting and less than 6.6 (120) 2 hours after eating.

It would appear that you do have diabetes.  Please go to see your dr and tell him/her your numbers.

Treatment is required.

Eating low carb diet / ketogenic diet will also be helpful, along with exercise.

Please take steps to reclaim your health today.
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First, if you have diabetes you should be monitoring it.
Monitoring means following up with your dr for regular hba1c tests (average 3 months data), and doing home testing to check your glucose levels.

Certainly cutting rice and sugar and exercising will be beneficial. However, if you do not test and monitoring you will not know if it is enough, or whether you need to intensify your efforts, cut carbs further, or need meds.

Losing weight will also help with diabetes.  Sounds like you lost weight from cutting carbs a bit and exercise.  This is then good weight loss.

Please get yourself checked.  Out of control diabetes can lead to lots of complications that are really unpleasant.  The problem is you may not know you are developing them until it is too late, and potentially irreversible.

Suggest you look seriously into low carb / ketogenic type diets.  They can be very helpful for natural diabetes management.

However, if meds are needed, take them.  Most critical is good blood sugar control.
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