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Diabetic weight problems

Why is it that I can not gain a single lb. no matter what types of food I eat and why I am so tired 24/7
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you need to give us a lot more information if you want advice.

First are you diabetic?  If so, what meds are you on?  How do you control your diabetes?  What are your normal blood sugar levels (A1C also).  What is your normal diet.

Uncontrolled diabetes can result in inability to gain weight and fatigue.  However, there can also be other causes for this, such as thyroid, anemia, etc.

This is also something that should be discussed with your doctor.

Please give us more information.
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How tall are you? And your reason to gain more than your current 154 lbs?

"why I am so tired 24/7"
Have you been this way since leaving Nam? Pain meds cause constant fatigue as does unmanaged diabetes.
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