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Hi I recently gave up sugar, a week now, and ever since I have had severe anxiety, feelings of being disconnected and being in a dream like state, calf pain, and not sleeping well. My pain got so bad, that I went to my cardiologist, to make sure I did not have a blood clot. My last hemocrit level was 49 with the lab saying the high end is 51. I have convinced my self that’s it’s high hemocrit level causing this. I hope not. My last sugar fasting check was 117 and it’s been as high as 126. That’s why I gave up the sugar. Is this normal?? This is pretty intense and I don’t know what to do
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when you say "gave up sugar" what do you mean?
Are you on a low carb / keto diet, or did you just remove sugary foods and added sugars?

Sugar is a highly addictive substance and I have heard of "withdrawal" type symptoms.  Suggest you counter these feelings by eating regular meals (with adequate protein and healthy fats), and exercise (brisk walking or whatever you can do).

If you are doing very low carb/ keto, then  you need to be aware of electrolyte levels and this may mean increasing salt intake and perhaps supplementing for potassium, sodium, magnesium.  

Another thought, is if your sugar levels are typically a bit high, you could be symptomatic when they come down due to cutting sugar.   Have you tested your typical post eating blood sugars?  Have you had Hba1c (3 month average blood test) done to see what your sugar levels typically are?

Anxiety can also be due to thyroid issues, so it may be well worth asking your dr to check your thyroid hormone levels if the anxiety continues.

Please let  us know how you go.
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Hi.  I can sense your anxiety. Sorry you are feeling that way.  Normal hematocrit for men is 38.8 to 50 but some labs have the levels at 42 to 54 as normal.  You ARE within normal.  I am not sure why you are becoming overly anxious about this other than you are perhaps suffering anxiety in general?  If it were to continue to increase, then yes.  Work with your doctor to understand that and reverse the trend but you certainly are not in that situation at this time.  Simply being dehydrated can cause hematocrit levels to rise. If you have anything like oxygen levels from things like smoking or high altitudes or certainly a respiratory issue like COPD, it would be higher too. But yours is not high yet.  So, try not to worry about this.  Talk to your doctor to confirm this information.

I agree that giving up sugar is a bit like giving up a drug.  Our body can go through a withdrawal of sorts. Some people can get dizzy and fatigued.  Muscle aches and anxiety are also common when you give up sugar.  It's also addictive so you crave it.  I would tell your doctor how you are feeling.  

I personally gave up sugar and caffeine at the same time. Whew, that was a long 3 weeks until I felt slightly normal again.  I feel your pain.  

Did you have anxiety before giving up sugar by the way? Did you give it up suddenly or are you limiting it?  I know, a lot of questions but more information would be helpful and I hope you come back to discuss with us. I think more than just you can benefit from discussing the perils of sugar and giving it up.

Your fasting blood sugar level is elevated so getting that under control is wise.  

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