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Diet, weight loss, and diabetes

I'm not sure if regulars or new visitors to this Community are aware that Med Help has a Healthy Cooking Community that is filled with many wonderful and creative recipes for people who are following special diets.  It is located here:


If you don't specifically see diabetic recipes, either click on SEARCH THIS COMMUNITY near the left hand side of the screen, or simply post a question, and we'll try to answer it the best we can, and search for recipes for you.

Head over, and find some great recipes that can fit in with your eating program, especially with the holidays upon us!


Peekawho, co-CL of Healthy Cooking.
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do you know if Truvia is a good sugar to use
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Also check out:  Alpha Lipoic Acid/diabetes (supplement) and banaba leaf/diabetes and natural cinnamon/diabetes.
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First of all, READ  ALL LABELS.  Anything with Sucralose (Splenda), Aspertame, etc. are all deadly.  Read the 'lethal science of splenda' and dangers of Aspertame on the net.
Stevia is 100% safe.  Also, know that MSG is also deadly and has 13 other names.  Check the '13 names of MSG' on the web!
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I have neglected this diease up to now. Recently (2 days ago) I decided to look hard at my lower legs only to be shocked at what I found. I am over weight by 160 lbs. I am signal and lost all my desires to having a good life after my last divocre. I suppose I had that coming hooking up to  girl 1/2 my age. I have daughters the same age.

Well I am not ready to toss in the towel. Instead I want to share what ever I have left and hope to smile this out to my last moment.

My question: I need help. I dont know much about health care, cooking, and ways to loose weight. I am open to suggestions.
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