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Do I need Medication?

I am a lecturer, aged 57, male.  During routine medical examination (requirement for my job), my fasting blood sugar (13 hours after Dinner) was 116 and random blood sugar (two and a half hours after full breakfast) was 130. With no other complaints, I have not gone to a doctor for medical advice. Do I need medical attention and medication?  
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You're welcome. I wish you well in your upcoming A1c test.
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Thank you very much for to the point yet adetaied reply..

I had asked this question to many people; but I was never satisfied with the answers I got.

I will sure follow your advice (and let you know the outcome)

Thanks once again.

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Do I need medical attention and medication?

Maybe, maybe not. Here's why I say that; a fasting (preprandial) glucose of 116 mg/dl indicates prediabetes. Your postprandial of 130 mg/dl is considered normal.

So now what? Your best bet is to get an A1c (HgbA1c or HbA1c) test performed. This is the gold standard that most doctors use to determine a patients glucose level for diabetes. The A1c will inform the doctor, and you, how well you have managed your glucose over the past three months.

Why the past three months? New red cells live an average of three months. Excess glucose binds to the outer layer of these cells until they die off. The A1c measures the cell glucose and the results are presented in % (percentile). The normal range is <6% (less than) although some labs may use <7%. Every lab varies so its best to consult with your specific lab report for your exact range.

If you asking yourself, so why the preprandial and postprandial test if the A1c is the standard? Doctors as a whole tend to stay within certain guidelines which is A1c last. Go figure.

Hope this helps.
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