Does drinking soda and coffe raise your blood sugar level?

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Does drinking soda and coffe raise your blood sugar level....?
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Yes, sodas contain high-fructose corn syrup which is a simple sugar. This means that it is rapidly metabolized resulting in a rapid increase in blood glucose. This in turn leads to the rapid release of insulin which performs the role of "escorting" the glucose into your cells in order to produce ATP. Simply stated, ATP is what fuels our bodies. However, an individual with type 2 diabetes mellitus does not produce sufficient insulin or is not capable of utilizing endogenous insulin in order to facilitate the transport of glucose into  the cells. This results in hyperglycemia. This does not mean that all carbohydrates must be avoided but it is necessary to limit carbohydrate intake and to choose what are called complex carbohydrates in place of simple carbohydrates. The goal for a type 2 diabetic is to maintain their blood glucose within a safe range. Complex carbohydrates are broken down at a slower rate than simple carbohydrates meaning that the glucose is released into the bloodstream at a slower rate allowing more time for the uptake of glucose.
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Here is some information from MedHelp.org and the Sugar Sense app on Soda and Coffee. Hope it helps!


You can find these in the app by going to the home screen, and clicking the menu bar in the upper left corner. Tap Health Guide, then scroll to Food Facts.
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Carbohydrates raise BG (blood sugar).  
ALL  carbs raise BG.  sugar is a carb.
so if its NOT sugar free soda then yes Soda will raise BG
Black coffee  no, put sugar in the coffee then yes.
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