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Early signs of diabetes?

My glucose level was 103  in February 2011 without fasting which was within the range of 85-120. May 30 2011 I ended up in the ER due to a gallbladder attack.  My glucose level was 115 which was high since the range used was 65-99. A week later the surgeon repeated the tests to prepare me for surgery. The glucose level was 86 which was normal since the range used was 65-99. Three days ago my blood was drawn an hour or less after eating. The results once again read the glucose level of 115 which was high since the range used was 65-99. No one in my family has diabetes. I will see my pcp in a few days.  Should I be concerned?
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Hi there,
I suggest that you purchase a self-test kit for Diabetes2 called A1C NOW
made by Bayer, This home test kit is VERY acurate. Last week, it was sold at Walmart for 23  dollars. The latest news is that 30% of adult Americans, 79 millions adults, is either pre-diabetic 2 or diabetic 2 already. Good luck
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"No one in my family has diabetes."

Neither do you.
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"Should I be concerned?"

No, your levels are well within normal acceptable ranges. In nondiabetic individuals glucose peaks ∼60 min postprandial [after a meal], rarely exceed 141 mg/dl [unless one whacks out on sugar], and return to preprandial [before meal and/or fasting] levels [60/70 to 99 mg/dl] within 2–3 hours. HTH
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this may help

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