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Glucose numbers

I have been feeling ill for a few months now.I started keepig track of my glucose numbers my higest has been 103. I have noticed when my number goes below 85 I am lightheaded,sweating,tired, cant hold my head up,clammy.When my numbers go into the 70's I feel like I may pass out. If i can eat something I feel better for about two hours then I do this all over again. Latley it hard to even get out of the bed without getting sick.I also have noticed that when I get even a little stressed my numbers drop quick. I have been reading and I see that my numbers are not extreamly low so why am
i feeling so badly. hummm I wonder if what is low for one person is not low for another? If you have any comments at all it will be helpful. Thanks Lonya
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OK, first things first. Too many unknowns to diagnose a problem as we're not privy to your health records.
1. Does your glucose meter require calibration?
2. How old is your meter. I get a new meter every 3 years. I don't trust my health on something that can go out of whack on its own by age.
3. Understand that the FDA only requires mfg of home meters to be within 20% plus/minus accuracy. Your 70 mg/dl could well be 50 mg/dl, or worse if your meter is inaccurate.
4. Last time you had an A1c test?
5. Last time you saw a doctor for a checkup? [blood pressure, EKG, etc]
6. Are you maintaining proper weight?

Bottom line, you're not going to get an answer from any health forum or chat board, only from a professorial health care worker - a doctor. If you cannot afford to see one Google 'free health clinics' in your area.
Good luck.
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First 110 years old cute! Second thanks for taking the time to respond to me. I see what you are saying and most of it makes sence to me. After I read your responce I started looking for the info. you listed. I go to a sliding scale clininc in my area most of it is done by volen. and a lot of there meds samples and med equem. is given to them. Anyway I looked on the box that the glucose meter came in and the exper. date is 12/2009. I wonder if that could mean the numbers are off because like I said before I almost pass out when I hit 70. With the information you gave me it makes alot more sence. I have never had a A1c test. I plan to ask my doc to give me one when i go back on monday. As for proper weight LOL I have put on 20lbs last month. This is really suprising sence I have been the same give or take 4lbs for the past 5 years. Thanks so much for your help. Hope to chat angain sometime soon. Lonya
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Thank you very much for your information. if anyone has more please!!! keep posting Im confused and scared.
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I would advise you to see a doctor for a health checkup and test for diabetes along with testing your thyroid. An abnormal behaving thyroid gland causes an imbalance with insulin production among others.
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Eat lots of small meals and stay away from sugar. No, your numbers are not that low.
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