Has anyone tried a low carb healthy fat diet? I am going to.

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I am in a group that swears by it and has luck. Limit carbs to 30 to 40 per day. Very limited fruit allowed.
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yes, considering that diabetes is a condition where our bodies can no longer handle carbs properly, limiting carbs is a logical approach.

Many people are having success.  Including me.  I have been eating low carb for about 10 years now, and can get normal blood sugar levels (hba1c of close to 5) though I do still require insulin (I am not T2).

Dr. Richard Bernstein wrote a whole book on this called "diabetes solutions".   Or you can also look him up at Bernstein Diabetes University on Utube.

If you are following this approach you eat adequate protein, probably in the range of 1 - 2 g/ kg of bodyweight (that is g of protein, not g of protein containing foods), about 25 - 30 g of carbs which should come mostly from non-starchy veges, and then enough fat to make up your energy requirements.  This is a low carb diet, but not necessarily a high fat diet.

Hope this helps you.  Please let us know how you go!

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I have been doing a modified low carb. No grains or sugar, only one 500 Metformium in morning. I seem to have reaction to all the meds. Had to try metformin 4 times to be able to tolerate it. Now I am adding a new herbal product to see what happens. So far no side effects and fasting BS dropped to 155 for last 2 days. Was 202 and184. We shall see.
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Please note that herbal supplements are often untested to the standards that traditional medicine is put through and all should consult their own doctors before taking any.  While they may have benefit, they also could have side effects just like medication and while something may work for one person, it may not or be dangerous for another.  We recommend consultation with your doctor before self medicating for something as serious as diabetes.  Best.
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I'm T2 and also endorse Dr. Richard Bernstein's approach as described in his book "Diabetes Solutions."  Super sally888's summary below is good.  If you're checking your glucose daily remember that people who are not diabetic have glucose between 70-85.  This is "normal" blood sugar.  There's no reason why diabetics can't strive to reach this.  Note that this is probably a lot lower than most doctors recommend.  

Remember to exercise  - This helps me to keep my blood sugar in control.

Good luck!  Hope this helps.
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