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High A1C-hemoglobin-8.1 %

I am 30 years old and over 165 pounds and My hemoglobin A1C is 8.1 % and My Glucose content is 161 after food.So i Consult with my doctor and they advised me to take Glucophage 500mg tablet twice in a day.My BP is 117/83. Please advice me to follow my Sugar content in Blood.
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I agree with Sally that you have a lot to learn but once you learn it you will be on your way to lowering that A1C. I also want to add that if you lose and then maintain a healthy weight it will make it much easier to manage the blood sugar.
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you need to adjust your diet and exercise to keep your blood sugar below 140 at all times.

Better if you can target truly normal levels, which are less than 100 upon waking and less than 120 2 hours after eating.

Advise you get a blood sugar test kit and monitor after meals and in the morning.  This can be used to help you adjust your diet appropriately.

Read up on diabetes and diet.  This is a condition that can be managed well with lifestyle changes and meds, if necessary.

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I don’t know what more I can do.  I ate less than 100g of carbs today for example and that’s a pretty typical day for me and my husband and I get out and exercise we go hiking and such.  I’m on the most effective diabetes meds and never miss a dose.  My A1C as of today is 8.1% …
100g of carbs is way too much in a day. And plus if you have anything sweet, your body turnes that into carbs also. My diabetic nutritionist advised me not to have more than 60g carbs. a day. Perhaps you should talk to one. You need to adjust your diet. My average a1c was always around 7.1 with taking metformin, glucophage, and insulin. So I went on a diet and lost 52lbs. Now my a1c is 6.4. Talk to nutritionist and be truthful.
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