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High glucose after carb meal non diabetic

Hi,  Yesterday, just out of curiosity, I tested my blood sugar with my husbands meter and was shocked to see a reading of 167.  I do not have diabetes.  All my fasting blood work for years has been 85 -95, and my A1c has been about 5.5.  Just had it done less than a month ago.  I had a high carb breakfast one hour before I tested, (large bagel and vitamin water)  two hours later it was down to 109.  Is it normal for a non diabetics sugar to go that high after a high carb meal?
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"Is the less than 180 for non diabetics too?"
Doesn't matter, its the same for everyone.

Best time to test is 2-3 hours after a meal. You're getting a false positive testing 1 hour after as your glucose hasn't plateaued. Its not wrong to do, just too soon.

"I wonder why it would be high in only the morning after I eat...lot of stress...morning anxiety."
Four common causes for high glucose are:
1. The foods you eat
2. Not enough exercise
3. Dehydration
And, in your case...
4. Stress - When your stress level goes up, it sends a signal to your body that initiates that 'fight or flight' syndrome which causes your glucose level to go up, as your body prepares to expend extra energy. Try to lasso your stress level, it will not only keep your glucose from rising unexpectedly, but also make you feel better.
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Hi,  Thanks for you response.  Is the less than 180 for non diabetics too?

I took my reading an hour after lunch and an hour after dinner and both times it was 104
I wonder why it would be high in only the morning after I eat.  It's normal when I first wake up.   I have been under a lot of stress lately, and am dealing with  a lot of morning anxiety.   Could this be the reason it's high after breakfast?
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You are normal. After meal ranges are <180 mg/dl while some doctors want to see <140 mg/dl.
[< means less than].
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