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High glucose or high blood pressure?

I probably have Diabetes.  My doctor will be doing tests in a few weeks, but I have had some fairly high glucose levels lately.  I also have a history of high blood pressure although that has been better most of the time lately.

Tonight all of a sudden I started having a terrible headache and nausea.  

My glucose level was somewhat high.  So either this was due to the glucose levels or due to high blood pressure.  

Whatever it is, I am so tired of being sick and tired all of the time.  

I know that taking a hot bath will bring down high blood pressure.  Anyone know what to do when your glucose leve is this?
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Blood pressure and diabetes type 2 can only be controlled by you. Medication along with healthy eating and moderate exercise will help keep them under control and most times lower them.

Eating healthier - avoid red meats, bad carbs, sugary foods, sugary liquids.
Moderate exercise, like walking briskly, will help to lower your glucose levels and improve your cardiovascular system.
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Exercise brings blood sugar down.
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