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High glucose reading

Mu queation is, i ck my glucose around 8 to 9 am after being up for a fewn min, and before i eat.
this moring  it was 170 i think that is to high, i felt ba dwhen iwen tto bed and when i  got up this moring,
i am presentelt taking  Glipizide 5 MG i/2 hour before breakfast and Metformin1000 MG  a half hour later with my brrakfast.  tehn  5 Mg Glipize before supper about 5:30 and another 1000 MG of Metformin with my supper which is about 6: pm. I dont think this med is taking care of my diabetetes,  i ahe other high sugar levels at times, have swae\tinf spells, and i ahve checked it during these and my blood sugar isnt low. any sugestions out there.
BY  iam type 11 diabetic.

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First of all - many people who post questions have questionable spelling.  Don't take that too personal.  Second, absolutely 170 is too high.  Blood levels should be between 70 & 120 for Diabetics.  Get a new Doctor if you can.  Another thought, 1 Glipizide may simply not be enough.  When I was first diagnosed as Diabetic, 2 Glipizide was the very first med I was given.  It was not until I kept eating **** that I got the scrip for the Metformin.

Being a Type 2 Diabetic is a pain in the Butt believe me but it can be controlled.  Once again get a new doc, make sure that when you have the A1C test that you are fasting.  Remember no matter what you eat it will eventually turn to sugar in your body so that you will have the energy your body needs.  It may be that if your levels cannot be controlled on pills you may need some type of med which must be injected.  My doc just put me on Byetta - trust me, it hurts more to test your blood than to give yourself the injections.

I recently had to return to a Support Group also where I get info from other Diabetics about just how well their ailment is being treated.  If you cannot get a new doc, there are Diabetic nurses out there who can provide great information also.  Most times they have more time to spend with you & provide info that the Docs are not willing to share.

Hopefully you have the type of healthcare that will allow this to happen.

Good Luck & God Bless - Anita
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That's much better and easier to read. Us forum readers thank you. Are you able to change doctors, at least find one that will listen to you? A fasting glucose level of 170 is considered high. If your medication is not working the doctor may adjust it. But I would first look at your diet and try cutting back on sugary foods including watching those carbs, which unless burnt off, will increase you glucose levels.
Commercial cereals are horrible and loaded with added sugar. Same goes for a lot of packaged and canned foods.
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Well pardon, my poor typeing  and spelling!
I was trying to ask for sugestions or information,  on what other  mediciations
that would be more beneficial for my diabetetes. My DR. whom I seldom get to see is not much help , he even at  times to  order my blood work. My fasting blood sugar when  i check it at home is 170 in the morning before i eat.


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Before you post you should re-read your and correct ALL your grammar and typos. It was really hard to read through and try to understand what the heck you are saying. What is your question?

"I dont think this med is taking care of my diabetetes,..."
What does your doctor have to say?

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