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High sugar

Hi...I am a member of the Breast Cancer Community and just found out that my husband's blood glucose level fasting is 250.   He has had the symptoms of diabetis ...excessive thirst, weight loss...tingly feet, and I noticed very sticky spots of urine on the bathroom floor.  We are not surprised that he has diabetis...runs in the family.  My question is, where do we go first.  He hasn't even talked to a doctor yet, but we want to get a jump on this.  Hopefully we can control it with diet, but will he need medication right away with such high numbers?  I worry that he will not comply as he has bad eating habits.  This is going to be my quest in life now...to keep him healthy.  Any advice??
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Wave Rider gave you some good advice.

Nine years ago when I was diagnosed as a diagbetic my fasting blood glucose level was 415 and my a1c was 9.2. Fortunately, I had all the other symptoms that you said your husband have. I have been able to control my diabetes with oral medications, diet and daily exercise---its possible this would work for your husband. Talk to your doctor (either an internal medicine specialist or an endocrinologist that treat diabetes) and follow his/her medical advice.

Good luck to you and your husband,
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"...just found out that my husband's blood glucose level fasting is 250." How? Was this at doctors office or with a home meter? If the latter, the former needs to be performed and medication prescribed. A 250 mg/dl fasting level is very high.

Proper nutrition, moderate exercise, and proper weight all play a big role in controlling diabetes. If your husband doesn't cut out the junk food or stop the "bad eating habits" it will only get worse to the point of amputation. Go to the ADA web site for education about this disease.
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