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How should I respond to glucometer readings that are slightly high?

Two months ago, I learned that I was reactive hypoglycemic after a 5 hour glucose fasting test.Glucose after one hour was 188. After two was 114. After three was 128 and after four 63. My doctor told me that my glucose fasting score of 96 on a scale of 70-100 was nothing to worry about, but just bought a one touch and have  noticed that in the morning before breakfast so far, I'm at between 96-113 and about 118 an hour after eating. How do I respond to these scores? By eating something immediately? What? So confused.Am collecting numbers but don't know how to respond to them? What do I do?
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Hi, your fasting numbers are slightly high, not low.  ideally fasting will be in the range of 70 - 95, and best in the 80s.

Possibly you have something called dawn phenomenon.  This is when your liver dumps glucose into your blood stream in response to the overnight fast.

I would recommend that you have breakfast soon after waking up.  This will help stop the liver dumping glucose.  However, your breakfast should definitely be low carb; meat, eggs, vegetables, unsweetened tea or coffee, with cream.

Hope this helps.
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Hi there! I’m not sure if you consider these numbers before breakfast high, but this could be a result of the dawn phenomenon, when blood sugar is boosted in the a.m. before you eat. Our members usually have good advice on this. One of them should stop by soon.

Here is an article that explains more: http://www.medhelp.org/diabetes/articles/Whats-the-Dawn-Phenomenon/1728

You can also find it in the Sugar Sense app (go to the bar menu in the upper left and select Health Guide, then scroll to the section Stay Well).
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