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How to cure wound caused by cutting dead skin off feet permanently of a diabetic?

Can anybody help me find the root cause for this:
My dad got wounds on both the toes with holes made impinging into 1/4th of the skin present in each toe which is caused actually by cutting a little piece of extra dead skin on outer part of the toe 10 years ago. When the Diabetics has been detected by then.. since these cut wounds didn't start to heel upon perfectly fine toes back then. From then they extended to lower parts of the toe from extremely outer part ( we can say outer sideway of toe ). He had been diagnosed by many well known diabetic specialists doctors but just his wound got calmed down temporarily but not cured totally. He gets trouble whenever need to go out with bare foot or itz raining. Wanna knw if this is common one in diabetics or not.. if yes  what is the permanent solution to this problem??
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it is common for diabetic people that do not control there Blood sugars (BG).   He needs to see a wound specialist.  If the wound gets infected he can loose his tow/foot/leg/LIFE.  

This is VERY serious.  

Many people have good results with hyperbaric chambers.
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