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How to reduce Fasting blood sugar ? What is FBS ?

Dear Friends,

            I love building muscles so I have to consume lots of milk, proteins and carbohydrates for energy......? Today I got my Sugar levels tested but Fasting blood sugar is showing 105 where the range is 60 minimum to 110 max. PPBS and Glucose blood sugar GH1BC all are normal.  Now i am worried as I am close to 110 in Fasting blood sugar ? how to reduce it further.......I do cardio for 30 minutes everyday with 10kms speed..5 kms per day...still fasting blood sugar is on the higher end but normal non- diabetic !

Please answer my question after reading the above details.  

How to reduce Fasting blood sugar  ?

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6 months ago, my A1C tested at 6.9.  3 months later I tested at 5.8.  A very recent test showed it had dropped to a 5.1.  This was accomplished soley by alteration in diet.  I do not take any medication.  I try to limit myself to less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day.  I live on handfuls of almonds, and peanuts, cheese, and eggs.  I've completely cut out potatoes, pasta, and rice, and if course anything with sugar in it.  I've become a reader of nutritional labels on the packages and cans of food.  By eliminating carbs, and concentrating on protein and fats, I've also dropped nearly 3 waist sizes and 30 lbs., or about 12% of my body weight.  I don't think of this as a diet but more of a new lifestyle in eating.  Of course, your results may vary greatly from my results.  I'm thankful that my pancreas isn't entirely "toasted", and I have no plans to tax it any further.  I hope I've given you some ideas to work with.  Best of luck to you.
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HI Friends,

         Doctor told me that if I am worried I can go for insulin test. So today I got my insulin levels tested in blood during fasting.

Result is 9.98   where the range is 2 to 25 IU

My doctor said it is quiet low....but still okay....

Please answer my  2 questions on insulin.

1) How to Increase insulin in body directly or indirectly without any medicine it it possible by any exercise, dieting or particular food ?

2) Does the levels of insulin can go high or low or it only comes down and never rises in life time ?
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tom_h's post mirrors my experience. good advice above.
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"How to reduce it apart from reducing carbs ?? "

Stop consuming rice and milk. Consuming these at night are contributing to your above normal morning levels. Here's what I suggest, stop consuming them for several days. TEST before bedtime and first thing in morning to see if your morning levels normalize. If not, post back with your test results. Include what you have eaten throughout the day too.

As far as tomato juice, most contain added sugar to enhance the flavor. Read the nutrition label carefully on the can/box/container/bottle. One ripe medium raw tomato contains approximately three grams of carb sugar, this equates to just under a half-a-Tablespoon of refined sugar. Tomato is a fruit. Fruits contain fructose, fruit sugar. Fructose is known to elevate glucose levels. HTH
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        You are right it is fasting blood sugar what I was asking checking blood in the morning without having breakfast or anything.....by the way I had a glass of Tomato juice previous day before the test....there might be quite a lot of sugar....in the juice..!

       But please let me know is this levels are of that particular night which shows in the morning  or  is it considered as an average level or capacity?

Buy doing exercise I have reduced Postprandial blood sugar but why
Fasting blood sugar is normal but on the higher side  ??

How to reduce it apart from reducing carbs ??

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My blood sugar readings since last 6 months are

Fasting Blood sugar levels are fluctuating from

98 to 106  where the range of normal non-diabetic is from 60 to 110.

Post Postprandial Blood sugar levels are good they are

from 77 to 116 where the non-diabetic range is from 80 to 150

So I am worried as the range in fasting blood sugar is nearing to the
110 with only few points around 4 to 12 points......!

Although it is normal but on the higher end.......!

So Need to control it

I do 3 mins of cardio 5 days a week...around ..5 kms per day...!

But not sure why postprandial blood sugar is good but the
Fasting is on the higher end normal ???

I want to bring that down.....As Tom said I have cut down the Rice
since today !!!!!!

Please let me know what else I can do to bring the FPBS down ???

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I consume 500ml ( 1/2 liter ) of Milk everyday night....I eat rice twice a day......although it was twice it may be lots of rice...I am not sure whether it is due to rice !!!! But I do cardio for 30 mins 5 days in a week.

Can Milk also increase Fasting Blood sugar levels ?

Please let me know what types of  foods can decrease sugar levels or balance ?
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"PPBS and Glucose blood sugar GH1BC all are normal."

Posting test acronyms that are used outside of the US, Canada or Europe can be confusing as some are country specific. This makes it difficult for us to comprehend the actual test. Correct me if I'm wrong, I am going assume 'PPBS' is postprandial blood sugar, the results 2-3 hours after having consumed a sugary test substance. And GH1BC is glycated hemoglobin A1c? If yes, then it narrows down to your nighttime food activities causing your morning fasting above normal levels.

Your morning fasting glucose level can be attributed to your liver dumping stored glucose in anticipation of energy needed upon awakening. You can lessen this by restricting you carb, starch [rice, potato] or any sugary sweet food intake at night. In the States processed pasteurized milk has added sugar, up to 1.8 Tablespoons per 8 ounce cup. Not certain about India.

As tom_h mentioned, buy yourself a home glucose test meter. Test before bedtime and then first thing in morning before eating or drinking any colored liquids. If you go to bed with high levels you will surely awaken with high levels. Good luck
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Is 105 an average or one reading? An orange or an apple at bedtime might push it to 105 in the morning. What is your evening meal? Any treats? 110 is a little tight. I was told 126 is the max for a type2 diabetic.
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1) Buy yourself a cheap meter and strips.  Begin testing each day, first thing upon rising, and before you consume anything.

2) Start counting your carbohydrate intake.  Eliminate anything "white"; rice, spuds, pasta, sugar, bread, etc.

Your fasting BG will drop, especially if you exercise as you say you do.  Right now, you're probably keep the BG's in check from your daily cardio routine.
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