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Hunger and Glucose Levels

I am new to this diagnosis, so I am still learning what it means and how to deal with it.  Anyway, I started taking the 500 mg dose of Metformin twice a day about two months ago.  I was told to come in for a fasting glucose test, so I did.  When the test was done I had not had anything to eat for twelve hours and was famished.  I also had a headache that didn't disappear until after I had eaten.  To my surprise the blood glucose level came back as high -- 170.  How can it be that I was so hungry but the glucose level was high?  That seems counter intuitive to me,
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As Waverider stated hunger and glucose levels are not related.

Discuss this with your physician.

You are a good candidate for Lantus. Or upping the Metformin to 100 mg. And/or adding glyburide.

And of course, losing weight and exercising...
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i have diabetes myself and yea it's weird. I've been hungry as well and had a high glucose level but if it's still kind of high then you might be a type 1 diabetic which means you might have to go on the shots. Or the doctor might up it to 1000 mg in the mornin and 1000 at night on your metformin
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It may seem counterintuitive but hunger and glucose levels are two separate processes. Hunger is what your body craves vs excess sugar circulating in your blood stream. Make sense?
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