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I am about 100-150Lbs over weight, 23 years old, what are symptoms of diabetes?

I have been over weight for probably all my life, I have been dieting recently and lost about 10 pounds in two weeks, I am trying my hardest to lose weight, cutting the junk food, eating smaller meals, exorcising but I have never really been to a doctor in maybe four to five years, I have never really been tested for diabetes, my dad has diabetes he is 59 years old.

I do not get any headaches, I am not thirsty or hungry a lot, I can drink one bottle of coke or water in the morning and wont be thirsty again till maybe late at night. If I get a cut or wound it heals its self pretty fast. I also have three siblings none of them have diabetes, though out of the four of us I am the only one who is overweight.

I do not have money at the moment to get a full exam from a doctor but I am starting a healthy life style as of two weeks ago, should I still have to worry about diabetes at the moment?
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Do yourself a BIG favor and go to this web site. Fill out the form to obtain a Free Johnson & Johnson One Touch Ultra Mini home glucose meter. You will be supplied with approx. 15 lancets and test strips, the rest is up to you. Read the instructions carefully prior to using. And read up online how to test and how often to test your glucose.

As Zoelula said, you're doing the right thing to help prevent diabetes; proper nutrition, proper weight control, and physical exercise. Walking briskly for 20-30 minutes after meals really helps to lower glucose levels.
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Not everyone who is overweight gets Type 2 diabetes. You do have more of a risk factor if it is in your family. It sounds like you know the main symptoms of diabetes and are not experiencing them. In my opinion you are doing the exact right thing to prevent yourself from developing diabetes in the future and to prevent other obesity caused health problems as well. Keep up the good work!
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