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I have done well

I have  been taking  Victoza for about 3 months now  have not had any side effects and have lost 22 lb. My morning  sugar reading has gone from 168 to 102  i  feel  great , my apatite has decreased  a lot. i don't have the cravings for crabs like  I use too or the craving for  sugar.
   I have  been  going though  the  proses  to have the gastric bypass surgery but  with the  help  of this  drug hopefully I wont have to have it. So far so  good , hope this will  help some that might  be a  little scared to  use Victoza.
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Congratulations on your great progress.

It is wonderful that this drug is working so well for you and you may be able to avoid bypass surgery.

Keep up your efforts for healthy eating.  Particularly focus on eating lower carb foods / veges / meats / nuts etc.  Lower carb / higher fat diet is now being shown to be more effective and sustainable for many people with diabetes than the traditional higher carb approach.  If you are looking for information on this you could look at the maintenanbce phase of the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet (this is mediteranean style eating - but without the bread and pasta), or Diabetes Solutions - Dr. Richard Bernstein.  Make sure fats are in their natural form (as in nuts, full fat dairy, meats, avocados, etc). and not manmade - trans fats.

Are you able to exercise regularly.  30 minutes daily moderate exercise would be a good starting target and you could increase as you become fitter / lose more weight.  It is more important to exercise regularly (ie. ideally daily) than to exercise longer but less frequently.

Best wishes.
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Congratulations on your success.  I am having fantastic results too, my weight loss has slowed to 1.6 - 2 pounds a week, and I am happy, because it
s not good for the skin to loose any faster, I too am great full my Dr. recommended Victoza, and now I don't have to go the Lap Band route.
Keep up you great success, because I am on your trail to Success : )
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