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I'm losing weight

I'm a 5'9" male who weighs 145 pounds, does not smoke, drinks occasionally and has always been thin.  I take no medications.   I noticed my weight has seemed to dropped down about 8 or so pounds within the year.  I was weighing around 152 pounds through the year of 2017.  I went to my new family doctor back in December of 2016 and he ran a full blood work up since I was a new patient. His nurse called me and said everything looked good and to come back in a year for a regular check up.  I decided after my Doctors appointment to pull out the nutri bullet and started drinking raw vegetables (leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and a garlic clove).  I wanted to stay healthy.  I have been doing this off and on most of the year, as well as, I have been drinking 3 glasses of green tea a day too. I have not been consistent but I have done it most of the year.  For about 2 weeks starting a month ago I also took cinnamon tablets and for a week I took holy basil tablets.  About 6 weeks ago I noticed my pants felt loose and a friend told me I looked thinner. I cut out the whole health thing and for the past few weeks I'm trying to eat anything to put weight back on.  Everything I google says Diabetes.  Does this sound like something I should be concerned about?
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You should get a professional diagnosis!!!  Unexplained weight loss is a symptom of Diabetes.  It's a crafty disease.  It's best to know!!!
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Sounds like you may need to eat more.
Eat more protein, plenty of veges, heathy fats, and complex carbs.
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It sounds like you changed your diet and lost weight.

Nothing earth shattering there.
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