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Is 176 considered diabetic?

I tested my glucose about 5-10 minutes after eating yogurt that had 17 grams of sugar. Before that i had a yogurt drink that had about 14 grams sugar about 3 hours before the glucose test, could the yogurt i ate right before cause my glucose to reach 176? or am i pre-diabetes?
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Thanks for the reply, I was actually just curious so I tested my blood with a one touch ultra meter, I found out later after testing my blood from a friend that is diabetic that i should have waited at least two hours after i ate anything.  I did it because it was mainly out of curiosity because i have a blood test coming up which included the glocose test. Also i am a worry wort so i worried that 176 was high. Thanks again for the response, i will talk to my doctor about it.
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First... can you tell us why are you testing your glucose?

Me:  As a very controlled Type II Diabetic for over 5 years, I can tell you that the more important 'tested my glucose' would be *before* you ate anything... preferably 6 to 8 HOURS BEFORE you ate anything, and then TWO HOURS AFTER you ate.  5-10 minutes after eating whole-milk (regular) yogurt [I eat yogurt, I read nutritional lables, if it had 17 grams of sugar, and IF you had what the nutritional label stated as ONE SERVING which on a yogurt label is usually 4 ounces, then it was 'regular' plain yogurt] you STILL can't tell anything about your actual diabetes status.

My best guess... no, you're not 'diabetic'.  BUT, for whatever reason you are concerned about it, to the point that you apparently have a meter and are testing yourself... PLEASE... please, please... go see a doc and talk about *everything* that is going on that you are concerned about.
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