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Lantus amounts at bed time

My husband is on a sliding scale for Humolog and 44units of Lantus at bedtime.His blood sugar at 9pm was 155 I gave him the Lantus as ordered.At 2am he was shaky,sweaty,and weak.was the Lantus dose to much for his blood sugar level?I should mention he ate supper late 7pm.I'm wondering if I gave it to close to thr humolog dose before supper.
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There's no need to open multiple threads on the same subject. Depending on your system speed, ISP speed, and MedHelp traffic it may take a few minutes before you see your post posted.

In regards to "At 2am he was shaky,sweaty,and weak" these are signs of hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. You should call his doctor immediately as his dosage may need adjustment. ONLY his doctor should be the one determining the amount and time of his medication/s, not strangers on a public Internet health forum.

Also, next time this occurs test his blood sugars. If low give him a half a glucose tablet, or half a glass of orange juice, or a piece of hard candy to raise his levels. Don't overdue it. Good luck -

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when did he get the humalog ?
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