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Low and High Gucose levels.

What is considered to be a low fasting blood sugar level?  

Also what is considered to be a high fasting blood sugar level?

I'm fairly new to this but, I notice when my level is around 60 - 70, I seem to get lightheaded easier.  
I was just wondering if everyone is different on this or if there was a set number for each.  It seems most people like it around 90 - 100.  Just curious.  Thank you in advance;

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Hi again.

Ok well my glucose numbers I've been keep great I think between ~80 to ~110 in which I think is were they need to be. Yeah.

To tell you the truth, this may not even be a diabetic type question.  I don't know.  Just swinging here at anything I guess.

Anyhow;  I've been getting very lightheaded at times.  During and after I eat my vision has been bouncing around lately, and many times it is as if the shadows are moving on the outside in a circle type pattern just before things get really dark.  (as in just about passing out).  I can hear.  It's like my body is out, yet I'm not at times.  Then my heart starts pounding very hard.  BP and Hr has been bouncing all around.  Yet my sugar numbers are good???  

I have many other issues with womanly type issues of some sort, hypothyroid, heart issues, edema, palps and chest pains, SOB, all over body pains and spasms, brain fog, blood in my urine for over a year with a clear kidney U/S, lymph nodes swelling, IBS, COPD, some weird issues with coughing until I can't breath or vomit, welts on my head, and hair is thinning out.  

Sorry if I'm swinging at the breeze here.  Is any of this related to sugar if sugar levels are good?  If not.....any ideas????

Sorry for sounding ignorant.  Just don't really know where to turn.  

Thank you in advance for any comments;  Amy.
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Thank you for the response.  
Yes that is fasting for 8-10 hours and my meter requires no coding, just checking the strips when you open a new bottle.  

Glad to hear that my numbers are good news.  I was worried about them going up.  I've been trying to follow the rules (pretty much all the time) so that I can stay away from having to take any more med's.  I didn't want to call them though and sound silly for having low numbers.  LOL  I've really been strict with myself on keeping them down though.

I'll show her my little home sheet and ask questions when I have my regular quarterly checkup then.  

Thanks again;  Amy.
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Both. Dr's want hear your prandial (fasting b4 breakfast) and postprandial (2-3 hrs after meal) results. Well, mine does.

You probably know this but its worth repeating; some meters require calibrating to the test strip prior to usage or the test readings/results will be inaccurate.

Your postprandial of 124 is really good. If you are fasting 8-10 hrs prior to prandial test, you may want to discuss with your doctor why your morning levels are high. He/she may blow this off as not being so high but don't let them do so. It is high and 123 prandial is considered prediabetic. Ask what can be done so the liver doesn't produce the glucose while you're sleeping, or causes you should be looking for before bedtime.
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Well to update my information from my last post.....I bought my strips and lancets off of ebay, so I have plenty to test on my own weekly or when I'm not feeling up to par.  As of now I'm still using the ones I had in March.  

Today my glucose levels are a little up today for me at 123 before breakfast and 124 two hours after lunch.  I will probably check at bedtime again.  

My question is:  Since I'm keeping track of this at home; what number would I call and let her know about.  Would it be 125 or over?   Just curious, and Thank You in advance for your reply.  
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You're welcome. I'm glad to hear your glucose is normal. That must have brought a big sigh of relief when you heard the good nnews. Order the freebies now since they take around 6-8 weeks to delivery. This way you'll have the "standby's" when the need arises. And, I agree with not paying for diabetes classes since every major hospital has a web site and web forums like MedHelp can answer every single question you have.
Good health to ya
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Just thought I would let you know I turned in my glucose chart to my doctor and she said my numbers look pretty good so I won't have to take pills for it at this time.  I told her I can't afford the classes now but have been learning off the internet.  

Thanks for the different sites for the free strips and such.  I never thought about that.  I still have about 15 left that I will use only if I feel out of it or maybe just check it once weekly threw MH here.  Then I will look into getting more the way listed above.  Being that they only last ~6 months I figured I would wait a little while though.  

Thank you so VERY much for all of your help.  ;~)
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You're welcome. Glad to help. Your last post, however, disturbed me. Having ranges that go from 50 to 150 can lead to other issues that are serious in nature. You are correct in trying to keep a normal level. And testing also is very important to find out if certain foods are causing you to spike, or time of day is causing your crash which says you should have had a small bite to eat an hour or two ago. The key is to test and test often until you know what/when/how to control your glucose levels.

I haven't verified this but this pharmacy claims to send you a meter and monthly supply of test strips free. No mention of lancets
Johnson & Johnson provides a free One Touch starter meter kit with 15 strips and lancets. https://www.onetouchgold.com/simplestart/
This is what I use and has very accurate results. You will have to search around the Internet for free strips and lancets. And , no, they're not interchangeable for brands and each meter has their own particular sets.

It is important to see a doctor, run a series of test to help understand the reason for your spikes/crashes, and perhaps get medication to assist you. In time, when you have everything under control, you can weed yourself off the meds.
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Thank you very much for explaining that so well.  I greatly appreciate it.  ;~)  

I was going to take classes but, the insurance will not cover them nor any of the supplies so I only check it when I'm feeling off now, due to the price of the strips.  

My fasting sugar rate seems to vary from ~65 to 150 so it's not too bad; but, not where it should be I guess.  Most times it is around 100 though, so I guess I'm doing something right.  LOL.  

I figure if I can nip it in the bud; maybe, I will not need any medicine for it.  Thank you again for your help.

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"What is considered to be a low fasting blood sugar level?"
Normal fasting glucose levels are 70-99 mg/dl. Below that hypoglycemia symptoms will appear, such as you indicated, "I notice when my level is around 60 - 70, I seem to get lightheaded easier." For more info on Hyypoglycemia go here
http://diabetes.niddk.nih.gov/dm/pubs/hypoglycemia/index.htm , or Google "hyperglycemia".

"Also what is considered to be a high fasting blood sugar level?"
Fasting glucose levels from 100-124 mg/dl is considered pre-diabetic although when you reach into the high teens you're considered an absolute candidate for diabetes type 2. As stated above, 99 mg/dl is the max for fasting glucose in most people. This number can vary with elder people and those who take immunosupressant medications. This includes pregnant women. Since we don't have access to your medical records or medical history its always best to consult with your doctor about further testing and treatment.

" It seems most people like it around 90 - 100."
Yes, because this is considered normal.

HTH answer you questions.
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