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Low blood sugar causes slurred speech

Hi, can anyone tell me if this is caused by low blood sugar.  I went to spin class and I was feeling  a little tired.  I had some graham crackers before I went.  After spin, I felt really tired and when I went to speak, my speech was slurred.  It was weird, it only lasted about 6 seconds but I had to really concentrate to speak.  My family has a history of diabetes and hypoglycemia.  Has anyone heard of low blood sugar causing slurred speech?
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thanks for this i have been so worried about my husband who has been experiencing bouts of slurred speech for the past 2 months. i guess, off to the docs we go as he has a family history of diabetes. he has been weaving on the road when we go on long trips. he does not drink and i have been concerned. thanks.
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It is possible low blood sugar could cause these symptoms, but sounds more like high blood sugar to me. Do you test? If you are not diagnosed with diabetes you should see a doctor to find out the reason for your symptoms.
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Can low blood sugar cause dizziness and fainting ?  I recovered in a minute and had extreme thirst.  But the feeling of slight dizziness, heavy head and thiorst comes and goes for the last 4 days.  What is it  and what should i do ? thanks
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The symptoms of diabetes can mimic that of someone who is drunk (including slurred speech)  and on more than one ocasion a diabetic has ended up in a drunk tank as an airport by police who could not know there was a medical issue when they did not have their problem under control.

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I hope you'll find this information useful...
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While there is some degree of variability among people, most will usually develop symptoms suggestive of hypoglycemia when blood glucose levels are lowered to the mid 60's. The first set of symptoms are called adrenergic (or sympathetic) because they relate to the nervous system's response to hypoglycemia. Patients may experience any of the following;

    * nervousness,
    * sweating,
    * intense hunger,
    * trembling,
    * weakness,
    * palpitations, and
    * often have trouble speaking.

Anyone who has experienced an episode of hypoglycemia describes a sense of urgency to eat and resolve the symptoms. And, that's exactly the point of these symptoms. They act as warning signs. At this level, the brain still can access circulating blood glucose for fuel. The symptoms provide a person the opportunity to raise blood glucose levels before the brain is affected.

If a person does not or cannot respond by eating something to raise blood glucose, the levels of glucose continue to drop. Somewhere in the 50 mg/dl range, most patients progress to neuro-glyco-penic ranges (the brain is not getting enough glucose). At this point, symptoms progress to confusion, drowsiness, changes in behavior, coma, and seizure.

Take care..
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