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Low cost alternatives to Metformin?

I was experiencing digestive problems and after many tests, scans and labs from two different
doctors, my doctor told me to stop metformin and call him in a month to let him know if any changes.
I said how could that be the problem after being on metformin for 8 years? He said our bodies change
over time. I called after a month and was happy to tell him the digestive issues had stopped. He said now
try and control your sugars through diet and exercise. I'm trying but is there any other alternative to
metformin (that won't cost a lot) in case my A1C and Glucose goes up high again?

Thanks in advance.
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Hey man, I'm sorry you are in that situation.  Diabetes or stomach issues, what a choice. To have people try to control sugar through diet and exercise after a certain point IS very hard. https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/diabetes-diet-exercise  That link talks about diet and exercise ideas.  

Your doctor didn't recommend any metformin alternatives? https://diabetes.org/health-wellness/medication/oral-other-injectable-diabetes-medications  This is a good article (copy and paste) that lists ALL options.   This as well https://www.goodrx.com/metformin/metformin-alternatives-for-diabetes.  

I take it you were on a generic metformin? Was it a different maker each time? My pharmacy switched a medication month to month of a med I take for a chronic condition and I noticed new side effects each time. We requested that they keep it the same and that stopped. I'd get your pharmacy record if you can and see if they changed who supplied the generic you took. Worth a shot.

Your situation now is that you don't tolerate the first line agent. This does or SHOULD open up your insurance to pay for a second line agent.

I'd either be more aggressive for help from your doctor or find a new doctor. Newer medications could have vouchers or samples as well to help from the manufacturer. Did your doctor attempt to try a different med but the cost was too much?? There are also the thins like good RX app or Live RX that find you best prices for the meds you take through pharmacy.

The other option is to treat the GI issue and leave your diabetes treatment alone.

Frustrating for you, I'm sure.
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