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My mom's high blood glucose and other tests results.

Hi. My mom, in her early 60s and 5'2" and 117 pounds, just got her blood test results back.

Her total cholesterol is 280. Triglycerides 72. VLDL is 13. LDL is 185. HDL is 81. Cholesterol/HDL ratio is 3.5. LDL/HDL ratio is 2.28.

Her creatinine serum is .44 (low according to the report). Glucose is 180. TSH (high sensitivity) is .36, low according to the report.

Please help interpret the results. What changes should she make to her diet? Is she likely diabetic? The doctor seemed too busy to talk about the results much. Thanks so much!
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Oops, missed the 180 glucose results. This is high, even higher if was after fasting. This indicates diabetes. Three things that help lower glucose levels: normal weight, moderate exercise, and proper nutrition.
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I assume your mother had  her blood work done after overnight fasting and before she ingested food or liquids onther than water. If that is true and her:  (in your words) "Glucose is 180." she could have diabetes. Her next step should be to see her doctor about both the high cholesterol and the elevated glucose levels.

Good Lucj,
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Her cholesterol is high. Cut back on fatty foods like red meat will help lower it. Google for suggestions. Diabetes? Who knows since you didn't post her glucose levels - fasting and OGTT.
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